Dance club Viking is the place for people like you and me, for everyone who shares this incredible love for music and a good party! The club with the best line up of DJ's and artists from around the world!

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Tim Hox - 07.07.2022

Back in 2019 Tim Hox was working in the lab, researching a new sound called: ‘Hox House’. That sound made him the symphonic scientist he is to this day. Starting with an EP called ‘T

Price: 30,00 BGN 25,00 BGN
Sam Divine - 14.07.2022

A born entertainer with a burning desire to play music to people around the world, SamDivine’s enigmatic sets are an effortless schooling in pure, unadulterated House. From her early days as the

Price: 45,00 BGN 30,00 BGN